Sex and the Single Grandma

Sex and the Single Grandma softcover book by Lynn Garson on life lessons learned dating after 50

Sex and the City meets Grace and Frankie in this hilarious memoir about a Southern belle’s search for love over 50.

When Lynn Garson’s marriage ended in divorce, she refused to give up on her belief in Love, Romance, and Happily Ever After. Her quest to find Mr. Right led her from blind dates to dating apps, from drinks at the Atlanta Ritz Carlton to silverfish in a boyfriend’s guest bed (she has the video evidence to prove it).

Lynn recounts her experiences in the modern dating scene with honesty and humor. Through the ups and downs of her dating adventures, Lynn never loses her manners (“my unreasoning adherence to etiquette only equals my dislike of confrontation”), her wit (“at this stage of life, it takes either a ninety-minute hot yoga class or a life-threatening emergency to make me sweat”), or her optimism (“What if someone wonderful was out there, my very own Sir Lancelot? In the best of all possible worlds, this knight in shining armor would be raven haired, broad in the chest, and own—not rent—his horse.”).

Q&A with Lynn Garson

Why did you write your memoir Sex and the Single Grandma

I wrote Sex and the Single Grandma for two reasons. First, I was frustrated by a string of unsatisfactory relationships. One way that I work things out when I’m puzzled is to write about them. For me, it’s cathartic, and I feel better even if my circumstances haven’t changed.

The second reason I wrote Sex and the Single Grandma was to be seen. The first chapter is not called “The Invisible Woman” by accident. When I heard a man say that women over 50 were invisible, it made me angry, and it also hurt. Some of the best fuel for my writing comes when I’m angry, so I started off with a bang. It was as if to say, “So, you think I’m invisible? Well, I’ll write a damn book about it and maybe I’ll be visible then!”

Praise for Sex and the Single Grandma

"Sex and the Single Grandma is delightful—very engaging, consistently funny, and, most importantly, well-written! I laughed at so many different points and especially at some of the footnotes."

Gail Evans, Former Executive Vice President of CNN and New York Times Best-Selling Author of Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman

"Some romantic suitors are silver-haired, some are silver-tongued. I did not expect one relationship prospect to offer me a night with a silverfish. Check out this video. Some things have to be seen to be believed."

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